How to NOT ruin your fishing opener.

Here it is May already, and that means fishing season opens this month. Is your truck or SUV going to be ready to tow your boat or camper up north? How about your trailer? Or your boat?

During May, we are offering $15 off transmission service for your vehicle. Check your transmission fluid’s condition ( or stop in and let us do it for you ) , it should be a clean reddish color. If it has a brown tint to it, or has a varnish odor, it probably needs to be changed. Towing a boat with a truck full of fishing and camping gear puts a lot of stress on the transmission, so help it out with a full dose of fresh fluid.

We can also check your trailer wiring to make sure your lighting works, and we can service the wheel bearings, too. Do you remember the last time you did that? Don’t be left on the side of the road with a seized bearing…or a shredded tire ( we sell trailer tires, too! ). Being on the side of highway 169 10 miles out of Milaca with a one wheeled trailer or a fried transmission is no way to start fishing season 2015.

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Don’t let this be you!

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