Buying a Used Car? See us FIRST!

It happens all the time. We have a customer come in with a car that needs major repair, and the first thing they say is “ But, I just bought it….”.

Cars get sold for a reason, sometimes a family event or a new job means that the Honda Civic gets replaced by a minivan, or the Buick gets replaced by a pickup truck, or sometimes, it’s just time for a change ( My wife wants a new Miata ). But sometimes, a vehicle gets sold because it needs major repair, and the owner doesn’t want to deal with it. That’s where we come in.

We can inspect that new-to-you car or truck and make sure that it is everything the seller says it is.

We will test drive it, remove all four wheels and check the brakes, we will check the steering and suspension for missing, damaged or loose components, check the tires for treadwear and proper inflation. We check the battery, starter and alternator for correct operation. We scan ALL of the computer modules on the vehicle ( not just the engine computer, but the transmission, antilock brakes, airbag, body control, climate control and others) for trouble codes. We check the fluids for correct level and condition, if leaks are present, we will identify probable sources and potential solutions. We can also look for evidence of previous crash repair. Since we deal with literally hundreds of different vehicles every year, we can inform you about common problems that occur for the vehicle you are looking at and what it takes to repair them. Then we will give you an estimate for everything we found that you can use as leverage to negotiate the price with the seller. Having a professional opinion by an ASE certified Master Technician can  save you a lot of your hard earned money.

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