Minnetonka Oil Change Service

Bring Your Car In For Routine Oil Changes

Keep Your Vehicle Running Smoothly

At Baker Road Service, we want to help ensure that you keep your vehicle performing its best. After all, you drive on a daily basis and need to rely on your car to get you through your day. As part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance, it is important to have your oil changed at the recommended time and mileage intervals so that your car can continue to run like new. Our team is ASE Certified and can properly provide oil change services to all vehicle makes and models.

Prevent Major Repairs

At some point, most people have been guilty of putting off an oil change far past the time it is due. So, why is it important to get your oil changed on a regular basis? Too much time in between oil changes can cause your oil to get dirty and create more friction in your engine. Without the proper lubricant of clean oil, complications such as damage to seals, gaskets, oil rings and overall engine damage can result in the need for a major repair. Our team will make sure to fill up your oil with the appropriate amount for your vehicle and follow specifications on whether it requires regular, semi-synthetic, or synthetic oil.

Schedule Your Future Services

We understand you have many priorities to keep track of, and scheduled maintenance may not be on the top of your list. To help you prevent the cost and inconvenience of an expensive repair, our team can help you schedule routine oil changes and can send reminders to prevent past due service. When you bring your vehicle in for an oil change, don’t forget to also consider other preventive services such as topping off all fluids, checking tire pressure, and rotating tires. Call us today for your next Minnetonka oil change service!